Greeting Card Maker Software

Create nice greeting cards for your friends and acquaintances


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Greeting Card Maker Software is a graphic editing tool exclusively designed to create cards like the ones we use for Christmas, Saint Valentine´s, birthdays and more specific celebrations.

The application has all the editing tools that we might need for these cases: geometric shape insertion, text boxes, free drawing pencil, selection of independent elements in the images, etc.

At the user’s disposal, there will be a series of templates from where it will be especially easy to work. With them we will only have to import a few elements to personalize the cards and change others and we will have a nice personalized card ready to be printed and sent.

Greeting Card Maker Software is a quite useful application for users who want to give a good impression to their acquaintances by sending a card. Nothing says so clearly `I care about you´ as a home-made computer card.

30 days trial.

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